January 06, 2016

Part. 1

Soo. Where do I begin? I know I am probably going to get distracted and talk about random unnecessary things in the middle of this story about the road trip I took with my ever so annoying partner, but, whatever.

The route

Kota Damansara – Kulim – Penang – Kulim – Alor Setar – Ipoh – Cameron Highlands – Kuala Lipis – Pekan – Rompin – Kota Damansara.

Dec 25th 2015 – 0300 HR

Rewind sikit. Earlier this day I was busting my majestic ass in the kitchen, prepping for the journey. Why? Because my hypercritical partner has requested me some home cooked meal to kickstart the journey. And the idiot inside of me suggested Nasi Lemak. Makanan Melayu yang paling banyak komponen, paling selalu orang makan, paling senang nak fucked up, paling subjective kepada individual punya taste palate. Genius. Side track story 1: 2011. The first time I tried making a complete set of Nasi Lemak by myself was when I was still in college. I made a beautiful bowl of sambal, finished the soft boiled eggs, siap potong timun, goreng kacang, dan sebagai nya all while letting nasik tu masak senyap senyap dalam periuk nasik. And then, when everything dah siap, I went to my periuk nasik only to find an uncook, horrific looking nasik lemak with all the glorious herbs and spices suspended in the santan.


Turns out, my stupid housemate turned off the switch because dia nak use it for some unnecessary dumb device to dumb her dumb brain even more. So. There’s that. I had to redo the rice, but I lost all feelings after that. I was a vacant shell. My life was bleak, and I sank into a deep, never ending depression.

Okay back to 2015. Or ’16. Whatever. 3 am. I finished packing the meal and had my shower, dressed up, (mind you, I only change 3 times this time. Good job, self.)

So I pickup my partner at the bus station. He had on a plain black shirt, blue jeans, a back pack, a cigarette between his lips, and a phone in his hands. That was all. Oh fuck me. Here I am, with my neatly pressed chiffon blouse, and floral tudung, and sneakers and ginormous bag baju, another bag for all the nasik lemak, and my neatly pressed dress for the wedding (which is the actual reason of this road trip, but I’ll get to that in a bit) and my (subtle) make up on, and my… oh.. the list just goes on and on. But there he was, walking towards me and everything is okay. HIK HIK.

(Poh, road trip tak start lagi and I manage to write this much)

So we begin. Had our nasi lemak, watch 15 minutes of Turbo Kid, which is hella awesome, had our first fight, and begin the journey at 0600 HR. Our first destination was Kulim, Kedah. Rumah penulis buku Tora Datang Lagi, which I never read. Also my partner’s good friend. And also our host for the first part of the road trip. Slow Dive’s – Golden Hair surely injected a little bit of spirit inside of me, despite the slow internet connection and the song was stuck buffering every 5 seconds, but it was okay.

3 hours later we made our first stop at Taiping. Here’s a photo of a very fun activity we did at Taiping, Perak.


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