January 12, 2016


Let's for a second forget that nobody visit this site except you, dude. So. Yeah. 

I have a humiliating number of books that I've bought throughout the years and I never finish due to the fact that I hate finishing a book. I've once talk extensively about this stupid habit of mine before I deleted all 1200 entries on my blog. So. Yeah. Not going to talk about that again. I think we should make this a routine. Me reading you books until you sleep. Because

A) I'm forced to finish the book.
B) Awak malas membaca
C) You'll get sleepy and I'll get tired, and we both can finally sleep like a normal adult. Pukul bukan 4 pagi.

Kan? Kan? Kan? I'm a genius. Next time I see you, I'm grabbing all of your books.

Disclaimer : Usman Awangs' Yang Nakal Nakal is not a suitable bedtime story to read because you will never want to sleep listening to me reading a story filled with unfiltered sexual references. 

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