February 29, 2016

Post - apocalypse

The walls are now thick 
The air is rather cold
The night is quiet, and it has never been before 

The water isn't bitter 
The bed isn't warmer 
The sun, humble and small
The shadow, never this tall

I am my own company 
I am my own cup off coffee 
I am my own treasure chest 
And the map, and the ship and the sail and the wind 
I am my own demon
I am my own king 
And the land and the people and the trees and the sea

I am my own questions 
I am my own answer
I am my only hope
I am my only desire

I am me 
And I am here
As I've always have 
And will always be 

I trust me
And trust me, only 
For I am me, 
My own and only reality. 

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