February 02, 2016

I am slowly but surely turning into an introvert.

74 things to do when you’re bored and alone
1.Go out for coffee
2.Cut a stencil and put a design on an old t-shirt
3.Learn a new recipe
4.Properly fold all of your cloths
5.Find a marker with a blue or green lid and run around pretending it’s a sonic screwdriver
6.Walk to McDonalds and get a McFlurry
7.Organize your iTunes library and make sure everything has album art
8.Start a blog
9.Read through old posts on your favourite blog
10.Have a movie marathon
11.Ride the transit all the way around, until you’re back to where you started
12.Make a friendship bracelet for yourself
13.Shave off all your body hair
14.Go shopping with only $5
15.Try to invent a new way to play solitaire
16.Take a really long bath
18.Pretend you’re on a cooking show and talk out loud while cooking
19.Catalogue your home library
20.Go to the library
21.Count all the blue things in your house
22.Build a fort!
23.Read a book
24.Reread a favourite
25.Watch your favourite movie in a different language or on mute with subtitles
26.Go to the dollar store and get all the materials for a craft project
27.Plant a garden
28.Make a YouTube video
29.Teach yourself something really difficult
30.Write a letter, and mail it
31.Write a really nice positive note and put it in a strangers mailbox
32.Take a beer and a bowl of chips and just watch the clouds
33.Do laundry, at a laundromat
34.Make a fake Facebook account
35.Bake something from scratch
36.Take photos of interesting sign around your neighbourhood
37.Do you taxes
38Go through your closet and donate all the cloths you don’t wear anymore to a good cause
39.Take apart your alarm clock
40.Shine you shoes/boots
41.Get a tattoo
42.Buy a new cd
43.Go to a restaurant with a pad and paper and pretend to be a food critic
45.Draw something
46.Dye your hair
47.Learn to swear in a different language
48.See how many pushups/sit-ups you can do
49.Commit yourself to go jogging every day
50.Go out for a drink
51.Learn to make coffee, it takes practice
52.Reorganize you furniture
53.Paint your bed room
54.Look up really ridiculously complex Starbucks orders and memorize them. Then go to Starbucks and try to order them without laughing
55.make crepes
56.Shop online
57.Properly name and organize all the photos on your computer
58.Write a short story
60.Make up a new identity for yourself
61.Start a collection
62.Pretend to be a tourist and go and do something really touristy
63.Draw on your drive way with chalk
64.Hang out with your mom
65.Go to a movie
66.Join an online community
67.Learn how to make a frappuccino at home
68.Make peach and lime daiquiris
69.Make pressed flowers
70.Learn a new way to lace up your shoes
71.Listen to the radio
72.Get all dressed up to do something really normal, like grocery shopping
73.Try and do everything really quiet, like a ninja
74.Write your autobiography

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