December 14, 2015


It's always better to be alone and feeling okay about it rather than being surrounded by people and feeling completely lonely.
It is now a quarter to one in the morning. I lit some scented candle and my entire room smells like the inside of a  strawberry. Awesome.
I haven't had my dinner, and I'm kind of hungry actually. But I know, I know.. Berdosa makan tengah malam macam ni.
I was sleeping just now, and was woken up by the shrieking sound of my housemates' voice. Fuck me.. I can't catch a break around here. Shoving the earphone as deep as humanly possible, I tried to catch some lost sleep listening to Chopins' nocturne. It's been so long since I last have this kind of feeling. No wonder I never kept any Chopin in my Playlist. The bittersweet melody of my ever so pathetic, hopeless romantic life. When will I ever fucking learn!

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