December 15, 2015

It's okay.

Bilik aku bersepah gila babi, aku tidur dekat hujung katil je. Didn't even bother to move any of this shit. The entire floor is covered with stuff. Haven't done my laundry for weeks. Running out of clean underwear. Running out of drinking water. Running out of money. Running out of patience for these two annoying bitches yg mengilai tengah malam ni. Running out of fucks to give. Running out of things to love. Running out of energy to wake up. Running out of reasons to smile. Running out of time. Running out of me.

My skin is so dry because I don't give a fuck about moisturisers now. My hair keeps falling out. My toes are so cracked, you can probably see living creatures in the crevices. I hate myself. I hate everything. Fucking stop talking about star wars lah babi. Bodoh ke apa. Everybody online has a terrifyingly absurd level of stupidity. Fuck all of you. Stop talking about your stupid kid. You, stop leaving comments on my site before I block your ass. Benci nak mampus dengan social media. Palat.

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