November 14, 2015

Why did I blog again?

I pretty much made it crystal clear that I wasn't going to touch this site ever again earlier this year, but didn't have the heart to completely remove it. I was thinking about deleting the blog the other day, but ended up reading every single post I wrote here, and then realising how much of a pathetic shit I was back then.

It was all funny and whatever for a while, but it quickly turned sad and melancholic after that.

I'll get back to that later.

Long story short, I tried to change the url because I'm going to retry this whole blogging shit with an entirely new approach, but blogspot wouldn't let me. Apparently every single subdomain I chose was unavailable. Well, I pretty much know somebody would think of using "subdomain" as a subdomain way ahead of me, it was a long shot anyways, but "meh", "mehh", "mehhh", "mehhhh" anddddd "mehhhhhh" was all taken. Oh ffs come on now!

Well, whatever.


Why am I doing this again?

Because I got tired with every other social medias I have. Like, really tired. There were too many people with wildly absurd behaviours on every single one of them. It's just pure bullshit now. It got to the point where I wanted to deactivate every one of them. But since most people socialise with their smartphones nowadays and I will basically lose contact with a lot of real people I know if I were to do that, so.. Here I am.

I just need one media where I can share my thoughts without thinking about offending anyone, or if people would agree about what I have to say, or the ridiculous fear of being judge that we all have. The things is, I have a lot to talk about. A lot. No normal human being would be able to take my constant need to ramble about pointless topic. A blog would make so much sense now am I right?

Feels good to be back.


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