November 27, 2015

Realistic Love

"Real love man, it is not like a fairy tale at all. There is no Prince Eric to save you from the sea witch. There's just like a cool guy to split my rent with me." 

- Jenna Marbles 

Here's a list of things that you did that impress me.

  1. You were there for me when my cat died, genuinely trying to understand my loss.
  2. You helped me with groceries..through the fucking phone. Like, who does that?
  3. You charged my phone without me asking because you know I will never remember to do that, especially when i'm with you. 
  4. You carry shit for me even though I have two perfectly fine arms. Remember the time when you carry a dozen bottles of water up 3 flight of stairs for me? ..I still feel bad for that. 
  5. You sat through my PMS like a fucking monk. 
  6. Pizza in the car while blasting the radio and dancing. Fucking dancing in the car. Blessed you man..
  7. You made me mixtapes. It's 2015, and you made me mixtapes. 
  8. I would always ask you if we could have animals in our house some day. Weird animals. Like monkeys and goats. I love how you would always answered me with .."tengok lah" instead of "no."
  9. You would always let me decide what to eat, even though you knew we would waste 2 hours driving aimlessly while waiting for me to decide, only to finally came back to pizza or sandwich, that you suggested earlier.
  10. How you make random jokes whenever i needed one. 
  11. You reminded me to change the privacy settings of my facebook's profile photo..every time.
  12. ...fuck i'm gonna start crying now.

Dude, you're so real.
Love you mannnn.


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